Yesterday’s prep

This post regards Ocean Grove’s Hurricane Sandy preparations, before the storm hit. For photos of how Ocean Grove fared AFTER Sandy, see a more recent post.

Mound of sand at Ocean Grove (presumably for beach protection), looking north

For fear that I’ll be unable to (a) post anything today for lack of electricity, and (b) go outside in a hurricane to take photos, I’m setting this up early, which means it’ll be old news by the time you see it. So it goes.

In preparation for Hurricane Sandy, Ocean Grove created some large walls of sand, presumably to protect its beaches.

Here’s what the hurricane beach protection looks like if you look south:
Ocean Grove, Hurricane Sandy beach wall preparations, looking south


…as opposed to what a southern view normally looks like:
Ocean Grove, looking north, January 2012


When I visited Ocean Grove right before Hurricane Sandy, there were a bazillion curious people out taking photos (like me!), and the wind was whipping us all to pieces.

Residents were busy filling sandbags and nailing boards over their windows.

I hope everyone’s preparations are holding up.


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  1. keep safe…


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