We’re all photographers

Nothing can stop New Jerseyans from coming to the beach!

Everyone loves a hurricane!

Well, no, that’s not true, but I’m definitely not the only New Jerseyan curious/ stupid enough to go take pictures on the beach in tropical storm conditions.

(This photo was taken this morning. I’m weathering out Hurricane Sandy three miles inland from the Jersey Shore. For New Providence storm information, check out Patch.com.)

Today, pretty much everything was closed (in anticipation of the hurricane), but it was barely raining yet. Stir-crazy already, my mom and I decided to go out and see what the beach looked like.

Just to, y’know, look around.

First, we tried to go to Ocean Grove, but we were met with patrol cars lining Ocean Avenue and chasing people away with their lights and megaphones.


Disappointed but optimistic, we scuttled over to Bradley Beach (the next town, about 200 feet south), which did NOT have cops out.

The Ocean Grove fishing pier was getting battered pretty badly, and it wasn’t even high tide.

Ocean Grove fishing pier: Still there on Monday morning

Ed., 10/31/12: Apparently the building in the photo above was washed away just a few hours later. I went back and got photos.

The storm is still pretty far away, though.

As of 11:00AM, Monday October 29, 2012: Areas potentially being affected by the sustained winds of tropical storm force (in orange) and hurricane force (in red). Image from the National Weather Service.

I’m not sure how long my electricity and internet will hold out— and I ain’t goin’ out to take photos in the middle of a hurricane— so I may miss a day or two.


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