Preparing for the storm

This post regards Ocean Grove’s Hurricane Sandy preparations, before the storm hit. For photos of how Ocean Grove fared AFTER Sandy, see a more recent post.

Ocean Grove Auditorium, NJ, 10-28-12: "Our God is BIGGER than Sandy! PRAY!"

Ocean Grove Methodist Auditorium, Sunday, 10-28-12: Boarding up the Jersey Shore in preparation for Hurricane Sandy.

Yeah, so, many of us in New Jersey are a little uneasy about this upcoming Hurricane Sandy/ Frankenstorm thing.


Hurricane Sandy’s predicted cone of uncertainty. New Jersey’s right smack dab in the middle! Image from National Weather Service.


Hurricane Irene sucked. Snowtober sucked. And the articles I’ve read make Hurricane Sandy out to be some horrible monster of a Perfect Storm that’ll be even worse than either one.

Weeks ago, I requested Monday (10/29) and Tuesday (10/30) off from work, so that I could housesit/dog-sit for my parents on the Jersey Shore while they went to Washington, D.C. At the moment, their train to Washington will probably be canceled, so they may stay put here in NJ. Which leaves me with the question: where should I weather out the storm?

Map of NJ. Note where I live, and where my hometown is.


MY PLACE (New Providence)
PROS: Inland
CONS: Overhead wires

MY PARENTS’ PLACE (My hometown)
PROS: Underground wires
CONS: 3 miles from the Atlantic Ocean (there’s a Weather Channel representative reporting live from the Asbury Park beach, which is pretty much exactly where they live)

I’ll keep you guys as updated as I can, but for other news, check the National Weather Service, your local Patch, the Weather Channel,, and any other sources you may have.

If I miss a day, I probably don’t have power.


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