Lock it up

Yes, it is a lock on a tree.

There was a story behind this at some point.

In the absence of any proof whatsoever, allow me to hypothesize:


Possibility #1: Someone found a lock and absentmindedly fastened it to the nearest tree branch.


Possibility #2: A mad scientist invented teleportation.

In his premature excitement to test his invention, he grabbed the nearest non-glass thing on his desk— a lock— and jammed it into the teleporter.

The teleporter exploded.

The mad scientist was never seen again, but an inexplicable pair of glasses mysteriously wound up on a chain-link fence.

The lock, or a similar one, was found fastened around a small pine branch. Most never questioned it, because the local Absentminded Lock-Fastener walked her dog through this neighborhood every morning.


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