New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge

Sea Girt Light, July 2007

Sea Girt Light: the last live-in lighthouse built on the East Coast. Photo from 2007. Originally posted here.


This is all outside of my “radius,” but it’s very New Jersey:

This weekend (October 20-21) marks the 2012 New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge!

Sandy Hook Light!

Sandy Hook Light: Oldest working lighthouse in the United States. Photo from 2007. Originally posted here.


The goal is visit all 13 land-based lighthouses scattered around the state, climb them, and collect some token that verifies that you were there. Seems easy enough, right?

‘Cept New Jersey is bordered by water on three sides, and even though it’s a small-ish state, it’s a lot longer than people think. This is not an adventure for wusses.

Twin Lights!

Navesink Twin Lights: first American lighthouse to test a Fresnel lens. Photo from 2009.


For those of us who are perhaps a wee bit less ambitious, it’s still a great opportunity to support our local lighthouses. The lighthouses are open all day, so you can, y’know, stop by and climb a couple. Or at least stand back, admire them from afar, and say “gosh darn it, what a nifty state I live in.”



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