Mountain landscape

View from Washington Rock, Watchung Mountains, New Jersey

Sometimes I say, “Man! I am going to go look at professional photos and get inspired.”

The first place I usually turn is National Geographic. (At the moment, the desktop wallpaper on my work computer is cycling through an archive of National Geographic landscapes.)

When I look at these landscape photos, I’m awestruck. I’m pumped. I want to go take my own awe-striking photos. But all the best landscapes seem to involve either (a) aerial views of cliffs and rivers, or (b) treeless mountains rising out of large bodies of water.

Now, I’m not about to go rent a helicopter to get aerial shots, which leaves me with (b), which is impossible because we have no treeless mountains nor large bodies of water around here.

So basically: There are no awesome landscapes nearby that I can take awesome photos of.

Also: I don’t have any filters for my new camera yet, so all my landscapes will have atmospheric haze in them anyway.

Regardless: I hiked up to Washington Rock in the South Mountain Reservation at dusk and managed to get this shot of a tree-smothered foothill, which has quenched my thirst to photograph vast mountain ranges for the time being.


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