Asbury Park Zombie Walk 2012

Zombie makeup!

In the zombie makeup tent. The seated zombie had come all the way from Staten Island, and this was her first time doing the event; the makeup artist was a three-year veteran of the zombie walk.


This is outside of my established “radius” for the New Providence area, but it’s still New Jersey, and it’s kind of awesome.


Zombie Mary Poppins and friends.

Zombie Mary Poppins and friends.


The sixth annual Asbury Park Zombie Walk happened yesterday. I didn’t stay for the whole thing (shame on me!), but I did get some fun shots of the undead wandering around Asbury Park (which happens less often than you’d think).


Could I have the sauteed brains in a brain sauce, with a side of baked brains, please?

Classier zombies prefer restaurant-prepared brains.


More serious readers may ask: What’s the point?
I would answer: There is no point. It’s fun, that’s the point.


More zombie makeup.

More zombie makeup.


The final touch: a blood-dribbled mouth.

The final touch: creating a blood-dribbled mouth.


The final product of the makeup artist above: Zombie EMTs!

So that’s where the makeup was going: Zombie EMTs!


Zombies at the Casino

The Casino was set up as a market for buying/selling zombie-related products.


Lurching zombies!

Lurching dead zombie banana and rebel friend. I saw them a few times, and they stayed in character the whole time: lurching, moaning, the whole bit. It was pretty awesome.


Well, I guess someone's gotta fight the zombie apocalypse.

Fighting the zombie apocalypse through faith healing


6 Responses to “Asbury Park Zombie Walk 2012”

  1. Well, you could make it a local story by claiming The Hook Man of The Watchung Reservation offed all these folks! When I was a kid The Hook Man was legend, purportedly sneaking up on cars and killing unsuspecting lovers who parked there at night to smooch.

    • I’d never heard of this legend, and web searches are not immediately forthcoming. Is the Hook Man specific to the Watchung Reservation, or is he a generic NJ thing, or is he a universal urban legend who could happen anywhere?

  2. Fun! The zombie in the banana outfit is hilarious!


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