Under construction

Click for full size: The Summit DeForest lot under construction! Such beauty! I'm crying tears of joy.

They’ve been doing construction on the DeForest Lot in downtown Summit, which is one of the very few places to park for free in downtown Summit. Consequently, we’ve all had to get a little creative with our alternate parking.

Speaking of “under construction,” I’m toying with the idea of upgrading some aspects of this blog in the next few weeks, so if anything looks funny or stops working, please let me know.


3 Comments to “Under construction”

  1. Nice panoramic shot… Or is it cropped? Either way, nice composition. I live in San Francisco where there is a ton of costruction going on daily, it’s a headache trying to traverse the city with lane closures here and there. Have fun playing parking wars 😉

    • Ha! Yes, it’s a stitched panorama. It looked a lot better full-screen; I didn’t realize how anemic the 130-pixel height would look when it was shrunk down to normal blog-width. I probably should’ve waited until I had an “after” shot.

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