Harvest Festival 2012 – Random grab bag of leftover shots

I really like this photo. I'm not entirely sure why. It might be the glee on the little girl's face, or the eye contact between her and the guy in the leather jacket, or I dunno.

Petting zoo at the Harvest Festival, Mountainside, NJ, 2012.

I ended up doing lots of storytelling and photoessays this week, but man oh man, writing is hard. So. Takin’ a break from long-winded Harvest Festival stories today. (And the blogosphere collectively breathes a sigh of relief, I know.)


Look, the bugs still have color!

The Master Gardeners were very proud of their bug display. Apparently, their previous bug display was over 20 years old, and dead bugs don’t age very well. So a gardener’s husband started assembling a collection of new dead bugs to show around. The new bugs still have most of their color, as well as their legs and wings and antennae.


Paintin' pumpkins

Just painting pumpkins. Does glitter paint make you nostalgic? I had three small pots of Crayola glitter paint when I was a kid— one pink, one purple, and one blue. In retrospect, it was silly for them to include purple in the package, ‘cos I could’ve just mixed pink and blue, right?


George C. Pierson, Tinsmith of Scotch Plains

George C. Pierson showed off his tinsmithery. Apparently it’s getting harder and harder to find “bright tin” (which I think has a higher tin:lead content than most cheap tin that you find nowadays). Why did I care? Because I was apprenticed to a tinsmith when I volunteered at Historic Allaire Village in high school.


Building scarecrows!

Also there was a scarecrow-building contest. Where you build scarecrows. For a contest.


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