Styphnolobium japonicum

Styphnolobium japonicum! Green string-of-pearls seed pods that took me a while to identify.

It took me a while to figure this out, but these lovely green seed pods are part of a Japanese pagoda tree, formally known as Styphnolobium japonicum, and formerly known as Sophora japonica (before they went and restructured the taxonomy of the family). There weren’t any nice long ones within reach of my camera, but the way the pod wraps around the bulbous seeds makes ’em look like strings of pearls.

(…if you’re a botanist and I misidentified this tree, please please please let me know!)


2 Comments to “Styphnolobium japonicum”

  1. Wow! Where did you take this?

    • Downtown Millburn, on the corner of Essex Street and Lackawanna Place. The lot across the street is under heavy construction at the moment.

      But I’ve seen this type of tree in a few other spots since then. Keep your eyes open! 🙂

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