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September 28, 2012

Wildlife photography (ha!)

You can sort of make the turtle out, if you squint.

This turtle was hanging around in the Great Swamp, and I was all “finally! some wildlife!” because I’d been there for 30-40 minutes minutes (shortly after dawn), and I’d seen bupkis thus far (not counting the blurry shots I got of a gray catbird), and I was pretty excited to see something alive (and in reach of my short kit lens).

(Psssst, here’s my blurry gray catbird, which was surprisingly blue:)
You know, I designed a cover for a short story called "the Catbird Seat" when I took a graphic design class.

So yeah, I’m trying to cultivate my patience; I hear it’s a useful trait for photography (and life), but man oh man it is not easy.

Perhaps next time I will bring live bait, so all the creatures will flock to me, and I won’t have to wait. Or I’ll buy a telephoto lens, so they don’t have to come sit right next to me to be in reach of my lens. Bait’s cheaper, though.

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