Millburn street fair – 2

Studio 22 ballroom dancers at the Millburn Street Fair!

I’m always happy when street fairs include more than just vendors. These ballroom dancers from Dance Studio 22 parted the crowds to put on on brief performances at irregular intervals.



Have straight-up pickles always been this popular, or is this a recent phenomenon? There’s a pickle vendor at every farmer’s market I go to— and now at every fair, too, apparently. These Gourmet Pickle Guys had four customers just in the 45 seconds that I watched. I guess they make good pickles!


Damon T. Garrett, I... dressed as a bishop.

This bishop is not actually dressed as a bishop-bishop— he’s dressed as a chess-bishop. Damon T. Garrett, I is president of Chess for Life, an organization that promotes chess (teaching, learning, playing, competing, all of it). He’s also one of the coaches. I watched him in action, giving tips as he played a fairgoer— he’s really good. If you’re in the West Orange area, and you want to learn to play chess, look these guys up.


Whoa look it is Millburn Avenue with lots of people in it

I always end these posts with something hokey like “a good time was had by all” or “all in good fun” or something. Anyone got any suggestions for a less lame-o conclusion?


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