Summit Antique and Classic Car Show

1966 Volvo 544, from Smythe Volvo in Summit

Summit had a car show this weekend!

I am always a bit reluctant to go to car shows, because I don’t know very much about cars (despite my dad’s best efforts), and I can only judge a car by how shiny its paint job is.

But I can tell you: this 1966 Volvo 544 is one of two antique Volvos owned by Smythe Volvo, a dealer located just a few blocks away from the show.

Whoaaaaa! A car dealer! That's just crazy.


The other classic car they own is a 1967 Volvo 210— a snazzy wagon I caught driving away in front of the Roots Building.

1967 Volvo 210, also from Smythe Volvo in Summit, NJ

I can tell you all this NOT because I am awesome at identifying Volvos from the 1960s, but because a representative/employee of Smythe Volvo was hanging out near the 544 and answering questions. Smythe also showcased several brand new Volvos nearby, just in case anyone wanted to think about buying one.

I think I was told there might be plans to fix up another old Volvo beater sometime in the future.



Side note— it’s interesting how many businesses around here advertise through old cars.

New Providence Fuel has its mascot Ford (they even sell sweatshirts with that truck on ’em)…
New Providence Fuel Truck


…and the New Providence Tire and Auto Center has its unmissable Frankenvan…
Frankenvan at the New Providence Memorial Day Parade, May 2012


…and Artie’s Garage in downtown Summit has its charming Model A.
What a nifty car to find at Artie's Garage.


And these are just the few I’ve run across so far. Do the automotive businesses in your town have classic car mascots?


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