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September 13, 2012

Littel-Lord Farmhouse

The Littel-Lord Farmhouse!

Littel-Lord Farmhouse, Berkeley Heights, NJ. 2012. J. Conklin. Released under a Creative Comons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Guess what! For the month of September, Wikipedia is hosting a “Wiki Loves Monuments” contest! It’s fun! Do it!

The idea is that you hunt down Nationally Registered Historic Places, snap photos, and submit them to Wikipedia! There’s some kind of a prize for the best photo, but I’m not too concerned with that part.

I already have a load of photos that were needed, and finding new places to photograph is like a big scavenger hunt! Here are some of the images I’ve hunted down so far.

And— as it turns out— a lot of these site don’t have Wikipedia articles to go with them! Well. I’m fixing that. Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote for the Littel-Lord Farmhouse, because I don’t feel like writing it again:

The Littel-Lord Farmstead is located in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. It was built in 1760 and added to the National Register of Historic Places on March 7, 1979. It currently serves as the home and public museum of the Berkeley Heights Historical Society.

The farmhouse was built around 1760 by farmer and weaver Andrew Littel, who lived there with his wife and seven children. It was passed down through the Littel family until it was sold to the Lord family in 1867. Elizabeth Wemett of the Lord family sold the property to Berkeley Heights in 1975.

The farmstead property, all of which is owned by the township of Berkeley Heights, includes the main farmhouse, an adjacent Victorian annex in the Carpenter Gothic style (which served as a schoolhouse in the 1870s), a stone spring house, a summer kitchen, and 18 acres of farm and forest land.

On the third Sunday of the month from May through October, the Berkeley Heights Historical Society offers free tours of the farmhouse and garden.



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