Hostas + musings on bokeh


The hostas are in bloom!

Incidentally, this photo exhibits what photographers would probably NOT refer to as “good bokeh.”

bokeh from a consumer-level point-and-shoot lens

Bokeh— the quality of the out-of-focus circles— has been the subject of various essays all over the internet (you can search for yourself). It varies from lens to lens.

The coarse and grainy circles that I get from my camera don’t bother me at all. The weird shapes, which flaunt the imperfections of my camera’s lens, are good at conveying the organic textures that my own imperfect eyeballs see without glasses— I’m very myopic.

I’ve fleetingly considered doing a photoessay on the subject— not just a bunch of out-of-focus pictures, of course, but trying to capture the textures and blobs and floaties and bacteria-things and dust-things and horizontal lines that appear through my own bokehs when I blink— but unless you looked really really closely, they would just look like a bunch of out-of-focus pictures, so what’s the point?


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