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September 9, 2012

New Providence Street Fair 2012

Elefante Music school sings at the New Providence Family Fun Street Festival

Today is/was the New Providence Family Fun Street Festival! Kids from Elefante Music, a local music/performing arts school, were the first musicians to perform at the event.


Petting zoo! Yay goats!
Goats from the petting zoo thrilled the youngsters!


Zita's homemade pumpkin ice cream!
I finally had a cup of Zita’s homemade pumpkin ice cream, which I’ve been meaning to try for the past year and a half. It was yummy. ❤


The crowd at the street fair
All in all: well-attended, good fun, and a strong emphasis on the local community things that make New Providence what it is.


You can read more about the fair in my post from last year, or’s thorough article.

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