Italian Festival 3 – Band time

Play that Tarantella!

I wouldn’t exactly call them a “marching band,” since they weren’t exactly marching, but this mobile band wandered around the Scotch Plains Italian Festival, playing Italian tunes like the Tarantella.

Sure, there was a rock band on the main stage, and I guess guitars and drum kits are nice and all, but I’m a sucker for wind instruments. Aren’t you?


6 Comments to “Italian Festival 3 – Band time”

  1. Marching bands remind me of parades, which remind me of holidays, which remind me of home…. love’em!

  2. Tony should focus on just one thing and become an expert in it, otherwise he’ll be hawking his ware next to oboists for the rest of his life. And oboists are such sick perverts as everyone knows.

  3. And what does Mixtape reminiscence about home? Seems an odd place to end the exploration of the past. Is this looping? Home reminds Mixtape about school, which remind Mixtape about marching bands? Or is there a blockage there? What’s being covered up? Dig! Deeper! Into the crawlspace if need be! Farther! To China!

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