Brookside Drive on a Sunday

Bikers and pedestrians on Brookside Avenue on a Sunday morning

Brookside Drive, which runs north/south through the South Mountain Reservation, is closed to automobiles on Sunday mornings (7am-12pm). While this is a bit of a nuisance for drivers, it allows bikers, skaters (?), walkers, and joggers to safely take advantage of a long flat open road in the middle of a nature preserve.

Inspired by Bicycle Sundays on the Bronx River Parkway, people (including Dan Baer, the first democratic mayor in Millburn’s history) proposed and approved the Brookside Drive plan around 2005.

Unlike Bicycle Sundays in the Bronx, the Sunday morning Brookside Drive closure happens year-round.

When I first heard about this, my reaction was “Why?”, but upon reflection… nature trails are scenic, but they’re rooty and uneven; roads are filled with unsafe traffic; sidewalks are narrow and only exist in unscenic suburbs (and bikes aren’t supposed to be on ’em).

So. Why? Because it’s nice. And I guess it lets you love your town a little more.

For additional information, check this video.

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