Red-tailed hawk!

Juvenile red-tailed hawk! (I think)

We had an unexpected visitor at the New Providence train station this week! I think it’s an immature red-tailed hawk, based on the white breast and stripy belly, but honestly, pretty much every species of hawk juvenile is brown and white and speckle-y, so I am open to alternatives.

This guy seemed completely unfazed by the hundreds of commuters waiting at the platform not 20 feet away. Still, after a couple minutes, it got bored and flew up to the top of a telephone pole (where it remained as the train came and left).

Prep for takeoff

Didn't sitting on poles used to be a thing? This guy is a champ, check him out.

How cool is that!

…Incidentally, this is why I’m hesitant to trade my megazoom for a more convenient camera phone. I’d never have gotten this unexpected shot without my camera’s powerful zoom. (But— if the idea behind Nikon’s newly-announced s800c gains momentum, and becomes more robustly developed in the future— I’d like an up-to-date version of Android, and a headphone jack, and maybe a phone— I am totally on that boat.)


2 Comments to “Red-tailed hawk!”

  1. Very nice shots…I can never see give up my DSLR for a camera/phone though they can take some very nice shots.

    • Oh heavens, I’d never give up my decent camera entirely! But for a “just in case” camera to schlep around my commute, there’s something to be said for a smaller device. Point-and-shoots these days are *way* better than they were when I got started with this hobby.

      But I’m right there with ya– I’d definitely upgrade to a DSLR before I invested in a wimpy supplemental camera.

      (P.S. Thank you. 🙂 )

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