Morristown Jazz and Blues Festival 4

George Naha, and some sort of sun-blocking screen catching the sun behind him

After the Rusty Paul Band, the Rob Paparozzi and the Hudson River Rats got to play!

The guy above is George Naha on guitar, in keeping with my apparent penchant for NOT featuring the person-the-band-is-named-after in the lead photo. (See also: the Rusty Paul Band, leading with Mark Friedman the sax player.)


Rob Paparozzi (below) is a harmonica player and singer extraordinaire, and he apparently got his start in Morristown (“the Thirsty Ear,” he said, which was apparently a coffee shop back in the day).

Play that thing!


And the guy on keys was Dave Keyes. Ha! I’m sure he’s gotten jokes about that his whole life, though, so.

Dave Keyes on keys! How appropriate is that?! He looks mad.


Also: one last shot of Rob Paparozzi singin’ the blues about GODDAMN TECHNOLOGY, ‘cos I like it and maybe you will too.

I don't remember the exact lyric, but it had something to to with smiling and waving hello.


At this point, I realized that it was 4:45 and I was parked in a “permits required 5pm-9am Monday-Sunday” area, so I needed to leave.


This concludes NPDP’s coverage of the Morristown Second Annual Jazz and Blues Festival! w00t.


One Comment to “Morristown Jazz and Blues Festival 4”

  1. Great shot. Love the expression that you took.

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