Morristown Jazz and Blues Festival 2

Mark Friedman! I think. He doesn't have much of a web presence, so I can't confirm.

The second annual Morristown Jazz and Blues Festival featured a performance by the Rusty Paul Band, which, according to the press release, plays a “blend of jazz, blues and funk [that] includes a tribute to the great Les Paul.”

Above is Mark Friedman on sax.

Below is Rusty Paul (himself) (son of Les Paul) on guitar…
Rusty Paul


…Steve Lucas also on guitar…
Steve Lucas


…Sonja Hensley on vocals (doing a really great “Route 66”)…
Sonja Hensley


…Frosty Lawson on keys and brass (seriously, check him out, trumpet [and valve trombone] in one hand, keyboard in the other), and Jay Dittamo (in the background there) on drums.
Frosty Lawson and Jay Dittamo


P.S. In case you’re wondering what the stage looked like:
Whoa that is totally the Rusty Paul Band on a stage.


3 Responses to “Morristown Jazz and Blues Festival 2”

  1. Again, these are great photographs of your experience at the festival. Love these! Great work and post(s).


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