Makin’ signs

Makin' signs at the farmer's market

This young lady from Race Farms (my favorite non-bakery cookie source at these markets) was editing the price sign for the Italian prune plums at the Summit farmer’s market this past weekend.

The market, as promised, moved to Beechwood and Bank Sts., just off of Springfield Avenue (the main artery of downtown Summit). Instead of commandeering a parking lot, which is usually how this sort of thing is done, they closed off a few side streets. It was a lot more obnoxious to find parking.

BUT LUCKILY, last weekend was the final time the market was held in that silly location.

As of Sunday, August 19, the Summit farmer’s market will return to its usual spot, in one of the free parking lots off DeForest Avenue. Woohoo!


One Comment to “Makin’ signs”

  1. And signs a makin’ — and photos a takin’ but yours feature each fruit with its own halo, heathen.

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