Campbell’s Pond pumping station 3

Faux HDR, yo

More Campbell’s Pond pumping station.

I was pretty intrigued by how to treat this shot. It would’ve been a perfect opportunity for HDR imaging… if my camera shot RAW, and if I had the software to process HDR, and if I’d had a tripod with me.

1/100 sec, f/3.5, ISO 400 1/1000 sec, f/3.5, ISO 400

I ended up cutting and pasting and compositing these two images by hand, which required INCREDIBLE PATIENCE (I am not patient). If you get close to the final image, it doesn’t hold up at all at full resolution. But seriously, who cares?


7 Comments to “Campbell’s Pond pumping station 3”

  1. I’m impressed! Before I read the post, I was thinking to myself “Hmm… that looks suspiciously supersaturated… almost as if HDR… but not CRAZY-saturated like most of the pro and semi-pro HDR I’ve seen”. I like the result! For viewing on the Web, it looks great!

    • Thank you!

      While I’ve never actually done REAL HDR, my impression is that the HDR technology was developed to help dumb ol’ cameras capture the dynamic range of light and dark that we humans experience, thus making our photographs better reflect the world that we actually live in. These “pro and semi-pro HDR” photos, which is how most of us probably think of “HDR,” are the result of pushing that technology to the point of “artistic photography” instead of “documentary photography.”

      If/when I ever use real HDR, I suspect I’d mostly use it to salvage crazy-high-contrast scenes like this— which is a valid if not overly popular use of it. (The camera I’m currently eyeing actually does in-camera automatic HDR processing, so… hmm.)

  2. I think you did a great job. You can see the color and the graffiti which is intriguing, but then your eye looks up at the light source and you see the green of the trees- I think it makes a great shot and brings a ‘happy’ presence to a photo that could be dull if not filled filled with saturation. Nice job!!

    • Thank you! The green trees are actually the part I’m the least in-love with— I’m glad to hear that it apparently works!

      And thank you for the critique— I always appreciate thoughtful judgements. 😉

      …I don’t think “judgements” is the right word, but I can’t think of the right one. You know what I mean.

  3. For all you naysayers, witness the evidence with your own eyes, and put your faith in the arch. It was good enough for the Romans, it was good enough Mary Campbell, so why can’t it be good enough for your bungalow!

  4. This place is awesome! Really cool shot

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