Campbell’s Pond pumping station 2

Spring has sprung

The Campbell’s Pond pumping station has been neglected and gutted by fires for at least half a century, as far as I can tell.

Maybe these springs used to help support the roof; the springs are down, but the roof is still up (barely).

I love light beams! Glad I don't live here, though.

…For legal purposes, I only admit to having entered the pumping station once, in June, when the door was wide open. Currently, there’s a pesky fence around most of the building, so any goofball who breached this shiny new fence would not be able to use the innocent “but the door was open” excuse. Therefore, I must have taken these pictures in June.


One Comment to “Campbell’s Pond pumping station 2”

  1. Love the first photo. Like the images of wreckage of that Yugo factory when NATO forces took it out. Looks like they got an evil slinky factory this time.

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