These gladioluses were bowed on the ground, apparently weighed down by the heavy morning dew.


7 Comments to “Gladiolus”

  1. Wow!! What amazing color on these flowers, and I love the closeup shot you got of them and the dew. You must have a very good camera. 🙂 (And obviously a very good eye) Thank you for sharing this!

    ~My Blog

    • Thank you! That’s high praise! I’m not entirely sure if you’re serious about my camera being “very good,” but it is indeed better than most cameraphones. 🙂

      (It’s a 7MP JPG-only five-year-old megazoom; it’s fine for the purposes of this blog, but its limitations have finally frustrated me to THAT POINT. I’m upgrading to an SLR sometime in the next year.)

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