Convent Station

Convent Station

This is Convent Station (the train station), located in Convent Station (the community)!

Back in 1860, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Paterson was like, “hey, there’s this newfangled Morris and Essex Railroad, and probably the entire area between Madison and Morristown will develop and be known as ‘Millionaire’s Row’ someday. We should totally build a school for girls there.”

So the Sisters of Charity acquired some land and founded the Academy of Saint Elizabeth.

In 1870, they’d convinced the passing train to pause in between Madison and Morristown, right at the Academy’s doorstep (the railroad ran right through the Academy’s property). By the end of the decade, that train stop was appeared on maps as “Convent Station,” because what else would you call a railroad station for a Catholic girl’s school?

The borders between Madison and Morristown and Morris Township shifted over the years, but everyone who settled around the train station and the Academy of Saint Elizabeth (and, as of 1899, the College of Saint Elizabeth, the oldest women’s college in NJ) came to know the area itself as Convent Station.


For additional information, see the Wikipedia pages for Academy of Saint Elizabeth and Convent Station.


2 Comments to “Convent Station”

  1. Good take. Yellow line clearly separates between passengers and railway.

    • At some stations, they even paint “STAND BACK OF YELLOW LINE,” which isn’t proper English, but it drives home the point that passengers aren’t supposed to cross that yellow line. Thanks!

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