Apples and trains

Just an apple. And a train.

There’s an apple tree (I’m pretty sure it’s an apple tree) that offers much-appreciated shade to the New Providence train station. It also offers tiny red apples. We don’t eat them.


5 Comments to “Apples and trains”

  1. This photo is AMAZING! Your photography has truly grown since I first started following your blog. I’m sorry I haven’t commented or liked your posts in the past month and a half… i’ve been out of town. But, clearly I have been missing out. What a gorgeous photo of a fallen and isolated apple. Love it. 🙂 Great work!

    • Wow. WOW. That’s high praise! Thank you!

      …and no need to apologize to *me*. I don’t think I’ve commented on *anyone’s* posts in the past month and a half, either— and I’ve been right here! Whuups.

  2. Sorry I do not drop by so much these days, I really miss the CDP portal. I love the perspective on this. I guess though I may be wrong these are what we call crab apples.

    • You’re still more active than I am! Somewhere along the way, between browser upgrades and blog platform upgrades, I lost the ability to comment on Blogspot blogs at all. 😦

      You are 96.5% probably right about them being crab apples. Not very tasty.

  3. Hope you didn’t miss your train getting this?

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