The Literary Shark

Shark Diddy, yo.

While I was at the library this past weekend, a shark walked in.

He sat in a comfy chair, and his photographer handed him a book.

They got the photos they needed, and both the shark and the photographer exited the library, waving happily at us gawkers.

“…Well that was weird,” said a librarian.

“That was awesome,” I said. “Do you… happen to have any idea why there was just a shark in your library?”

“I think it’s the mascot for the Summit Family Aquatic Center,” said one of the other librarians.

“Ah,” I said. “Cool. I’ve seen him around— like, I’ve seen him run a 5k.”

Shark Diddy runs a 5k

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah! So, the Aquatic Center, huh? Thanks!”

As it turns out, this guy’s name is “Shark Diddy,” and he… I don’t know, builds morale at the pool.


One Comment to “The Literary Shark”

  1. I bet he clears the pool for whatever the pool’s equivalent of Zamboni time is, which hopefully doesn’t involve an actual Zamboni. Not sure if Diddy would be a welcome addition to McCacren’s Pool in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Kids keep defecating in there: the solid kind. The pool keeps needed to be cleared of people and treated. Not sure if Diddy’s presence would clear the pool faster or result in more excremental expulsions.

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