Dragonfly! Yayyy!

The dragonflies are out!

When I read a book about evolution a couple months ago, I learned that dragonflies are in a (disputed) evolutionary group called Paleoptera— “primitive wing.” Most insects can fold their wings back over their abdomens (making them Neoptera, “new wing”), but NOT DRAGONFLIES. Unfoldable dragonfly wings are the kind of wings that bugs had back when bugs first evolved wings.

Cool, huh?


One Comment to “Paleoptera”

  1. Awesome shot! And yeah, dragonflies are cool. They are extremely maneuverable, but according to something I read long ago, their wings sustain a lot of wear and tear just through normal maneuvering (they hit their wings with their legs to make the sharpest directional changes), and I believe that is actually what does them in. That is, they eventually can’t maneuver effectively, from the damage they’ve done to themselves. (This sounds crazy, I know, and could well be a fabricated memory. But if true, it’s rather sad, ridiculous, and fascinating.)

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