More not-fungus!

Squaw root!

Squaw root (a.k.a. “squawroot,” “American cancer-root,” or “bear corn”) is, like yesterday’s Indian pipe, ANOTHER is a parasitic plant that grows in clumps (like a fungus) and has no chlorophyll (like a fungus) and looks for all the world like a fungus BUT IT ISN’T A FUNGUS. (whaaaat! two in a row! that’s crazy!)

Its Latin name, Conopholis americana, is derived from its pinecone-like appearance. So if you see some weird-lookin’ yellow pinecones stickin’ out of the soil, this might be what you’re seein’.


One Comment to “More not-fungus!”

  1. I can really see the debate at a local all-natural soda pop plant about what to call their new bottled drink flavor: Cancer-root-and-toot or Bear corn-and-more, before ultimately deciding to go with “Squawroot” and market it exclusively to functionally illiterate New England clam diggers and their ilk. And even the ilk of clam diggers from Maine wouldn’t have thought this was a fungus. A slimy bird of paradise, maybe………

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