Rubber Ducky Festival 2

Rescuing the duckies!

As you can imagine, one of the problems with floating hundreds of little rubber duckies down a woodsy river is that they get caught on things. Consequently, some bystanders tried to help dislodge the duckies that started washing up on the riverbank.

(The poor man standing next to me actually slipped on the mud and fell into the river in a failed attempt to do this.)

But we bystanders didn’t need to rescue the duckies. There were Boy Scouts in canoes!

Rubber ducky, you're the one...!

“What are you doing?” they asked.
“Un-sticking the duckies!” the bystanders yelled back.
“You don’t need to do that!” the scouts replied. “That’s our job! Don’t worry about it!”

I wonder how long it took to clean up all those duckies.


2 Comments to “Rubber Ducky Festival 2”

  1. Ooops, hard to explain falling in to rescue a rubber duck. Now if it had been a real duck that would have been worthwhile. The world would be a better place with more boy scouts.

    • I think you’re right! Most of the structures that make these local woods at all hike-able were put together by Boy Scouts, as far as I can tell.

      In fairness, the gentleman leaned forward to un-stick a duckie, and in doing so, he dropped his daughter’s diaper into the river. In an attempt to be a good person who retrieves dirty diapers from rivers and doesn’t just let them float downstream, he slipped on the mud and fell into the river.

      Moral of the story: don’t try to be a good person?

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