All the way down

Painted turtle!

The Trailside Center [site] at the Watchung Reservation is basically a little museum. But pretty much everything is behind glass, which doesn’t make for good photos.

Except for the (live) turtles!

Turtle habitat at the Trailside Center (NJ). Can you find the fox and raccoon?

The turtle habitat, shown above, is surrounded by (dead) taxidermied turtle predators— a fox, a raccoon, a heron. It’s a little morbid.

I took about a zillion cute turtle photos, and I love them all, but for the sake of not overloading the web on turtle cuteness, here’s just ooooone more shot of a red-eared slider.

Red eared slider! There were two of them in the tank, and they kept climbing on each other.

P.S. If you’re wondering about the title, I was just informed about it last night, and you should click this sentence.


2 Comments to “All the way down”

  1. Nice photo of the turtle. I remember hearing about that sentence on the QI show on the BBC.

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