Library tails!

Just pettin' a chinchilla

The New Providence Library had an open house today!

I wasn’t quite sure what a “library open house” was supposed to entail, since the library is usually free and open to the public, so I checked it out (I had to return a book anyway).

As it turned out, it entailed (a) cookies, (b) handouts (I got a cool pen!), and (c) a nocturnal animal show (by Eyes of the Wild)!

Chinchillas, we were told, defend themselves from imminent predators by making weird noises, spitting, and urinating over six feet with precise aim.

We were also told that chinchillas are CREPUSCULAR, which means active at dawn and dusk (it also means “unclear,” since I had to look this up for a recent post).

So here’s Charlie the prehensile-tailed porcupine, who apparently is in fact supposed to be nocturnal.

Charlie' s eatin' a banana!

(She’s eating a banana.)


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