Memorial Day Parade 4

Hello firefighters!

Remember how I said that most towns have their own parade? Chatham doesn’t! So the Chatham fire department came across the river and tagged along with us New Providincians.

During the closing ceremony, though, they got a call, and had to run— literally.

Sprinting firefighters!

2 Comments to “Memorial Day Parade 4”

  1. Neat picture of the fire engine! I especially like the fact that you got the firemen running off to a fire! Did people give way when they put the sirens on, or did they think it just part of the parade?

    • I don’t remember exactly— it happened pretty quickly, and just as I was approaching in the first place— but I think it was more of a walkie-talkie buzz, or a shout, or a quick “blip” than a full siren. They were standing there, and then slowly they came to some realization, and one by one they peeled away from the ceremony to sprint down the street.

      The ceremony was pretty clearly differentiated from the parade route, so we could all tell that this was NOT a thing that was supposed to happen. And they were all standing on the periphery of the crowd anyway, so I don’t know that anyone needed to jump out of their way.

      Someone near me cracked a joke about lousy cooking.

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