Yay carousels!

It’s that time of year again for Our Lady of Peace (a Catholic church/school in downtown New Providence) to put on its annual fair! (They called it a country fair last year, they’re calling it a carnival this year… whatever, same thing.)

It runs Wednesday through Saturday, presumably because it’s hosted by good Catholics who don’t want to work on Sunday. So yes, it’s over now, but I’m still gonna regale you with a few days’ worth of photos. Carnivals at night are way too much fun to photograph!

(I know I’ve shown you a merry-go-round before, but… well, I’ve shown you more than one flower, too, so what’s the harm in repeating myself a little?)

I was once told that a merry-go-round rotates clockwise, and a carousel rotates counter-clockwise, or something… but according to Wikipedia, this seems to be a regional distinction more than anything, and carousels and merry-go-rounds are the same dang thing.


2 Comments to “Carnival!”

  1. Love this shot… the slight movement blur is really appealing…

  2. Great sense of motion captured in this photograph!

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