Supermarket garden


It’s almost summertime, which means… it’s time for suburbanites to buy garden plants from supermarkets!

All across New Jersey (and possibly the entire United States), plants in front of grocery stores are a common sight. I’m not sure whether most people buy these plants on impulse (“Let’s see, milk, bread, eggs… oh! They have petunias! I’ll get some petunias,”) or whether supermarkets are just known convenient sources (“We could really use some geraniums out here. Hey sweetie, next time you go to the A&P, could you pick up some geraniums?”).

Have you ever bought plants from a supermarket? Why or why not?


(FYI: I was standing in an obvious place [blocking the store entrance, in fact] and using that plant to frame my shot. I was NOT hiding behind a bush and taking sneaky paparazzi photos. Just to clarify.)


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