Bridging the gap

I know it's way overexposed! I'm sorry! Auughhh!

I went on a group hike through the South Mountain Reservation this past weekend!

It started off about as you’d expect— a moderately slow tromp through the woods, with occasional stops to point out cool plants or conservation efforts or what-have-you— but as the day drew on, our guide (Lou) started getting creative with our route, and we ended up (among other places) crossing this barely-a-bridge built of concrete medians and a wobbly wooden board.

Little concrete bridge over the Rahway River, near Painter's Point, in the South Mountain Reservation


This barely-a-bridge was apparently constructed in 1991 as part of an Eagle Scout project.

Brian Ward - Troop 5; Eagle Scout Project. Presented with thanks by the Friends of the South Mountain Reservation. September 20, 1991.


It was a lot of fun! I wholeheartedly recommend.

These hikes are organized by the South Mountain Conservation [link, including future scheduled hikes] (which is not affiliated with the Essex County Park Commission) (but is still pretty cool).


8 Responses to “Bridging the gap”

  1. This story (and photos) makes me want to go on a hike! I love the second photograph with everyone walking over the bridge. Cool history attached to it as well. Great post as always! 🙂

  2. Looks like you had some fun. How long was the hike?

    • About 3.5 hours. When I initially heard that we’d be covering four miles in four hours, I rolled my eyes and figured I’d duck away from the group after an hour or two. (One mile per hour is SLOW, even by hiking standards, I think.) But it really was an engaging tour!

  3. What is the lady in your first pic wearing? Some kind of harness?

    • I think it was some kind of front-pack (as opposed to a back-pack), or the strap for her binoculars. I didn’t really pay attention. She and her mother really seemed to know their nature stuff, and they were both dressed as if they hiked a lot. So… something appropriate for serious hiking.


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