Green Day 4: Composting

Red wiggler!

Representatives of the Liberty Science Center, which is located about an hour away from us (in Jersey City), came out to Maplewood’s Green Day to give demonstrations on composting (among other things).

In order to compost, you need worms, right? So they brought some red wigglers along, and let the kids hold ’em.

As you’d expect, the red wigglers wiggled a lot.

Because it was an educational science demonstration, they got into the science of how and why you need worms for composting.

LSC composting demo at the Maplewood Green Day Fair. Gosh this is boring alt text.

There was even an anatomical model of the innards of an earthworm (shown above), which is quite honestly the thing that drew me over to the booth, because I am a giant nerd.

This concludes my coverage of Green Day! ‘Til next year.


2 Comments to “Green Day 4: Composting”

  1. Love this! Wish I composted… I have friends that do in their apartments but the worms kinda gross me out… I’d probably compost outside but I need to be educated as well. Sounds like the compost lessons were a success… I know my son would have loved to hold those worms and I can just picture him laughing hysterically as they wiggle! Ha great post! 🙂

  2. I saw some of those today when I was pulling up some flowers that came up from seed and I didn’t want them there in the spot they came up in. Also saw a Lady Bug or beetle. First one this year.

    Hello from Brookville, Ohio, home of Abraham Lincoln. Yes, the one related to President Lincoln. You can see his hometown blog at this link: Brookville Daily Photo

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