Lake house

It is a red house on a lake. Come on, what do you want from me, a song and dance?

When Union County purchased the land for Hidden Valley Park, apparently there were some residents living there. Union County probably said, “Hey, we’re trying to build a park here, why don’t we buy your land from you, that’d be great” and the residents said, “WTF? Hell no!”

So there is a resident-shaped hole in Hidden Valley Park, with all kinds of “NO TRESPASSING” “PRIVATE PROPERTY” “NO FISHING” signs all over the place, presumably to dissuade curious hikers (like me) from skulking about and investigating this mysterious house on the lake.

EDIT, 8/31/12: I’ve just discovered— I think this is the Sayre Homestead, and it’s on the National Register of Historic Places!


2 Comments to “Lake house”

  1. While on Google Maps looking @ the house I grew up in on Mtn. Ave, Summit, I decided to pan to the woods off Ashland Ave. where we used to hang out as kids now a park, I guess. Somehow got to your blog & recognized “The Lake House” – brought back a lot of memories – glad to see “our woods” are preserved!

  2. Oops – Ashwood Ave., not Ashland – Hey, I’ve been in Fla. since 1991 – the mind ain’t what it used to be!

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