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April 8, 2012


Look at that depth of field! My God.

Happy Easter, if you celebrate! If you don’t, then Happy Day Before the Peeps and Chocolate Eggs All Go On Sale.

Although this photo was taken in Summit, these flowering trees are planted all over Manhattan too, and they’re all in beautiful full bloom right now. And I didn’t know what they were. My coworker called them “popcorn trees,” because the blossom heads look like balls of popcorn from a distance, but apparently real “popcorn trees” are Chinese tallow trees, which have long waxy chartreuse blooms, which are totally different.

After digging around the interwebs, I’m guessing that this is a wild plum (American plum), Prunus americana. It’s unfortunate that botanists haven’t accepted “popcorn tree” as an alternate name for this plant, though. Colloquially, an awful lot of people call it by that name; if you do a Google image search for “popcorn tree,” these white flowers are mostly what come up.

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