Sweater in a tree

Dog sweater in a tree

In the South Mountain Reservation, there’s a tree with a small dog sweater fastened to it, about 12-15 feet above the ground. (It’s got doggie bones knitted all over it.)

I think the condition of the sweater is too good for it to have been fastened there when the tree was much shorter, so someone must’ve put a lot of effort into nailing this sweater to this tree.

Maybe it’s a memorial of some kind? Maybe a small dog got lost here in the park, or maybe killed by a coyote, or maybe drowned in the nearby Rahway River? Maybe the dog just loved to come here when it was alive? Maybe a couple drunk kids found a sweater and thought that nailing it really high on a tree would be a hilarious prank?

Or maybe the spectacle goblins are stealing dog sweaters now. Maybe this is the work of SWEATER GOBLINS, much more closely related to Sock Goblins.


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