Stay in your lane!

New Providence High School track!

Last time I had an ankle/tendon/ligament injury, I was very wary of running up and down hills (which was unfortunate because I basically live in the middle of a large hill).

But for the next time that injury flares up… the track at the New Providence High School is— as far as I can tell— open to public joggers.

Labyrinth entrance to the track!

I don’t know if this is standard or not (I don’t go lurking around high school tracks very often), but there’s a little ungated labyrinthine entrance that you can squeeze through, and BOOM! there you are on the track.

Plus, there’s a sign asking joggers to stay on the outside three lanes. Why would they post such a sign if joggers weren’t welcome?

3 Comments to “Stay in your lane!”

  1. Great composition on the 1st image… love the vibrant colors also 🙂

  2. This track looks in great shape. most of the schools here would go nuts at the idea of strange people using any school facility. All of the many recent new build schools around here have large fences. Someone I know was arrested for watching some high school girls playing netball in the school yard, Was only released when his girlfriend said it was her fault because thats where she said she would pick him up!

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