The best dam ever!

Best Lake, you're the best!

It’s no better than any other dam, really, but the lake it’s associated with is called “Best Lake,” so there ya go.

The Best Lake dam and spillway (which is what I’m guessing this is) in Watchung was reconstructed in 2008, according to a nearby marker.

Dedicated in 2008. I'm not gonna list all those names here.

I think I might go buy myself a neutral density filter and revisit this place, because I am pretty unhappy with the way this turned out.


2 Comments to “The best dam ever!”

  1. We’re you using a hood? That helps some to get the exposure right. I use filters but I’m not sure they help as much as the hood does. I find the best filters (moderately priced) are made by the company B+W. I’ve tried the cheap ones but they are basically a waste of money because they make the quality of the image go down. Great post tho, even tho your photograph didn’t turn out like it should. Clever title and clever opening to the post! 🙂

    • Hoods help with exposure? Really? Huh! I just use mine for bad weather and lens flares, but then, mine’s homemade out of a cardstock advertisement.

      I have my crummy hood by my front door now, so I’ll remember to take it with me next time I go out!

      The reason I’m obsessing about neutral density filters at the moment is ‘cos I keep finding waterfalls like this, and I keep wanting to do one of those super-slow cottonlike water photos, and I CAN’T because it’s too damn bright to use any shutter speed over like 1/20.

      Thank you for the tips! I was just browsing cheap filters earlier, so… maybe I should wait ’til one of the expensive ones goes on sale. :-/

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