Glasses on a chain-link fence

"Glasses on a Fence." It's like a movie title or something.

No idea what the story behind this is.

I’d prefer to ignore Occam’s Razor and instead believe it’s some crazy explanation involving the Spectacle Goblins, who mischievously steal people’s glasses in the night and leave them in strange places. The Spectacle Goblins are in fact an offshoot sect of the Sock Goblins, who are best known for stealing socks from the dryer.

But this here is clearly not the work of Sock Goblins.


7 Responses to “Glasses on a chain-link fence”

  1. Ha! I like your explanation.

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  3. These look a lot like your frames. Occam’s Razor? Spectacles? Observer’s Principle? FRAUD: You placed these specs here to make an otherwise uninteresting New Jersey chain-link fence appear subject worthy! Caught! Fiend! Banished! You can’t go about the entire state and make every fence look interesting with your rubbish. OR CAN YOU?!

  4. These are not Josy’s glasses.
    Is there, perhaps, a dead body nearby? Very strange!

    • Well. Not everyone needs their glasses 100% of the time. Some people probably keep their glasses in their pockets, and sometimes their glasses probably fall out of their pockets, and sometimes they potentially don’t notice when this happens.

      And probably, when someone else comes along and sees the fragile glasses lying on the ground, the good Samaritan picks them up and puts them somewhere out of harm’s way but still nice and visibly displayed, in case the owner comes back to look for them. Like, for example, dangled from a fence.


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