Alveoli bush

Alveoli flowers!

Update: Careful reader Serg has identified this bush as a bayberry. Thank you!

Do you know what kind of a bush this is? I don’t, and I wish I did.

These gray-white berries (or buds, or balls) are dispersed all over the twigs of the shrub. I guess maybe it’s an immature multiple berry or something, I can’t identify much of anything because my Google search skillz have failed me.

I think the berries look like alveoli, which are basically air sacs in your lungs! It’s always fun with you find anatomy in non-anatomical places. (I hope this doesn’t come up in search results for “alveoli”; if it does, and that’s how you found this, I’m sorry!)


3 Comments to “Alveoli bush”

  1. This is beautiful. It must be spring.

  2. I can’t remember the exact name, but I believe they are some kind of a wax berry, such as a bayberry. Did they feel waxy? Our ancestors (and also, I believe, the Indians) used to melt them down, and use them for candles, etc., if this is the right identification. They grow on bushes, often in sandy soil. There are a lot of them on Sandy Hook, NJ.

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