Plainfield station

Plainfield train station, yo.

This is the Plainfield train station. Although nobody seems to agree when it was built (though Central Jersey Railroad passed through Plainfield by 1839, and maybe the depot was built by 1869?), it’s been on both the National and NJ State Registers of Historic Places since 1984. The station underwent a $12.4 million restoration around 2002-2003.

The more historic-looking part of the Plainfield train station

I visited because it seemed nearby to some errands I was running. Initially, I had intended to wander around Plainfield and get a bunch of photos all at once; I took out a library book on Plainfield architecture a couple months ago, and I was kind of excited to see some of these historic buildings.

As it turned out: the area around the train station was a little sketchy. I got my train station photos and skedaddled.

Incidentally, the Plainfield train station is about two miles north of the South Plainfield house fire that killed five people last week.

For trip information to/from Plainfield rail station, check out NJTransit’s website.

2 Responses to “Plainfield station”

  1. Your photo really evokes a feeling of loneliness. I like it.


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