February 29 is Leap Day! I think I can manage an honorary leap every four years.

(Alternate title: Jumpin’ at the Woodside.)


7 Comments to “Leap!”

  1. Inventive post. By sheer chance I met a chap today whose birthday it was, 80 years old today! He was and indeed still is the vicar of a church I passed today and I stopped to see if I could have a look around. He was outside the vicarage and he lent me the key to look around his church, not in Leeds else I would have posted about both him and the church.

    • Hah, and I bet that vicar told everyone he’d only celebrated 20 birthdays! 😀

      Pity you couldn’t include him on your blog! I always hate when something like that happens– I get some great photos, but they’re outside my established radius, and I can’t do anything with them but stash them on my hard drive. Maybe you can make a special exception for the gentleman?

  2. Excellent shot! And excellent leap! How many takes did it require? 🙂

  3. Good for you. I have been surprised at how few leapers I have seen today.

  4. Leppers is what I call ‘ya. Bah, stay away.

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