Milton Avenue School

Milton Avenue School

According to this PDF, Chatham’s Milton Avenue School was built in 1948, with an addition completed in 2001.

That’s all I can tell you about the history, but here’s a link to their website, if you have questions about calendars or enrolling your kid or something.

It’s also right in front of the Chatham Borough Mulch Area, in case you were wondering.


3 Comments to “Milton Avenue School”

    • It’s hard to compare architecture to a coffee and tea service and a settee, is what I think. But if you say it’s American Style, I’ll go with it.

  1. I wasn’t wondering, because I attended there! I remember the fishing derbies out at Milton pond in the woods behind the school. Back in those days, even the kindergarteners walked a mile to school and back home again. No buses in Chatham back then! On the left side it looks like there is a “new” addition; at least it wasn’t there back in the 70’s. I wonder if it’s a gym, or a cafeteria, or an auditorium – when I was there, the space behind the central entrance served as all three.

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