Thirteen bumps

Johnston Drive, site of 13 buried witches. Or something.


Back in the days of Feltville, the children of the village kept disappearing. It was eventually decided that THIRTEEN MURDEROUS SISTERS were responsible for the childrens’ disappearances. The “witches” were all hanged and buried beneath Johnston Drive, which was dirt at the time. Because, I mean, obviously, what better place to bury someone than somewhere your wagon wheel could accidentally plunge into a muddy half-rotten grave, right?

But I digress. Their graves created small bumps in the road, as graves in a road are presumably wont to do.

After Johnston Drive was paved in later years, THE THIRTEEN BUMPS EMERGED FROM THE GROUND.

The bumps were removed and paved flat. YET AGAIN, THIRTEEN BUMPS EMERGED IN THE ROAD.

And it KEPT HAPPENING. Every time.

According to the story, if you drive over the bumps and count all thirteen, say “thirteen witches,” and then look behind you, you can see the witches following you. DUN DUN DUUUNNNNNNN!!!

Personally, I didn’t really notice any outstanding bumps when I drove (‘Was that a bump? Maybe that one? Maybe all of these bumps? If they all count, there are way more than 13 bumps here’), so this is just a generic photo of the road. I kept thinking of a quote I’d read earlier: “Every time I go there I’m either drunk or high so I count like 52 or like 5 bumps, so I’m looking around for a hell of a lot of witches or I’m wondering what the hell is going on” (Weird N.J. n.d., para. 2).

(Just to be clear: I was neither drunk nor high, Mom.)

One more reasonable theory asserts that Johnston Drive has lots of bumps ‘cos it’s always been a steep and tortuous road through the mountains, and bumps used to help prevent carriages from sliding backwards down the hills.

For other more reasonable theories, check out my sources below. OR TELL YOUR OWN TALES.



Everson, E. (2011). “The ghosts of Union County: 13 bumps for 13 witches.”

Weird N.J. (n.d.). “Bumps road revisited.”

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