Check out that depth of field! This "long focal length" thing really works!

There are a few notes I’d like to make here:

  1. I don’t know if the phenomenon is entirely due to all the birch limbs that fell off in October (when we had a blizzard and the trees still had leaves), but there are a LOT of birch leaves still clinging to their branches. When I hike around, it almost still feels like autumn.
  2. Camera nerdery: This week, I read something about how aperture isn’t all that relevant for good depth of field; what REALLY matters are (a) focal length and (b) the relative distances between your subject and its background. In an attempt to try this out, I zoomed in on this leaf from about 10 feet away. It worked! That’s probably the fuzziest background I’ve ever gotten. Sweet! The camera had a lot of trouble autofocusing, though, and I wasn’t at a good angle to do a competent manual focus. I hope this isn’t consistent problem.

2 Comments to “Birch!”

  1. you’ve captured the leaf really well – well done.

  2. one of the finest photos i’ve ever seen, great job!

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